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Celebrate 71 years of successful August Revolution (19.08.1945 - 08.19.2016) and the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (02/9/1945 - 02/9/2016) . Pm on 01/9, in Quang Ngai city center, Art and Literature Association Quang Ngai opened art exhibition with the theme "Today's Quang Ngai province."
 The exhibition features 115 works of art by 34 authors sized 40x60cm is the photographer and professional coming from the provinces and cities in the country. In it, the author of 20 works in 84 provinces; 14 authors with 31 work outside the province.
Church leaders Provincial Party Committee Propaganda awarded first prize for Le Minh Can NSNA works: T1 Water Production Line
Previously, under the auspices of the Association of Photographic Artists Vietnam, Quang Ngai Culture and Art Association launched a competition to Quang Ngai artwork Fifth-2016 with the theme "Today's Quang Ngai province." The organizers have received 1,057 works of 61 professional and amateur authors from all over the country sent the contest. This is a photo contest with the author and send the contest works best. In it, the 30 authors in the province sent 742 works, 31 authors submitted 315 works outside the province. The jury judging 3 MRC photographer photographer (NSNA) Vietnam including Pham Van Ty NSNA NSNA Bui Hoa Tien and Deputy Chairman of the Vietnam NSNA; Dao Tien Dat NSNA Executive Board Member of NSNA Vietnam.
 Mr. Le Van Son, Chairman of the Culture and Art Awards Quang Ngai Nhi Mai Tuan Vu author works In the new harvest.
 Through three round dots on the image type, the competition jury chose 31 works by authors outside the province to review the exhibition and first prize - Three nhi master. At the same time the judges also selected 84 works of the author in the province to exhibit; then put the ring in order to select the first prize at the - nhi master Ba and encouraged.
Tanh Tran Cao, Deputy Director of Department of Information and Communications awarded Third Prize for NSNA Le Minh Can Teach children to work the word
 According to the organizers, the contest artwork Quang Ngai province in 2016 fifth-this, the authors comprehensively reflect the innovation and development of the motherland 30 years of Quang Ngai in the fields of economic, cultural cultural, social, defense and security; introduction of scenic, historical monuments, cultural values ​​tangible, intangible. Especially maritime theme, industrial development and new rural construction is the author sent to the image most.
Customers who viewed the exhibition
 At the opening of the exhibition artwork, photo contest organizing committee also awarded 01 first prizes, 01 second prizes, 02 third prizes and 04 consolation prizes to the authors of the province; and awarded 01 first prizes, 01 second prizes and 01 third prizes of "beautiful Quang Ngai Picture" for authors outside the province.

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